Survey reinvented by
Conversational Voice AI

Companies lack responses & engagement on their surveys. 
Vocads reinvents survey experience, through VOICE conversation with an AI.

Customer voice survey

Get real, honest and complete answers from your customers.

  • Quick to fill surveys collecting richer data.
  • Better adjust your strategy.
  • Retain clients with this new upgraded experience.
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Employee voice survey

Provide a voice to your employees.

  • Faster surveys to engage employees.
  • Improve your management.
  • Upgrade your company's culture.

Unleash the power of voice data

Learn how voice data is more powerful and more insightful than text survey data.

Instant & Direct data

Get insightful information right out of customers’ mouth as they talk to you directly, as in a store!

Data sovereignty

Our proprietary AI allows brands to have full control over their data in a GDPR compliant solution!

Enriched insights

Collect more than just words and information. Collect feelings and emotional responses!


Easily design with our no-code platform

No code = no difficulty

Create a voice survey from scratch instinctively!

Save templates to gain time

And reuse them as you like!

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Your CX just gets better​

Enhance customer experience and understanding with voice surveys!


Questioning customers at the right time.


3 times more information, 3 times faster.


Natural and personalized conversation with AI.

Our trusted partners and clients

What they say about us

Most of the time, all of my customer review surveys were ignored or its half filled. Voice surveys made it more easier and I'm now able to understand what my customers love!

Alexa LovertyAlexa Loverty

Alexa Loverty

E-commerce store owner

The versatility of creating and deploying my campaign is so good, that I now send every week a voice survey to my team to let them express their thoughts!

Rob HarrisRob Harris

Rob Harris


I was surprised on how easy it was to build my campaign! And also the whole data that voice brings! I was not expecting such an enriched data that well organized for me.

Carrie RobertsCarrie Roberts

Carrie Roberts

Human Resources Manager

Vocads is a start-up with great ambitions and with which we have promising prospects for progress and solutions for our traveling customers!

Laure DouarreLaure Douarre

Laure Douarre

Innovation Project Manager

Our clients and partners have provided amazing feedback on our technology!

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